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The Dubliners: "A Time to Remember"

October 3rd, 2009 (02:36 pm)

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see this great band perform live here in Antwerp again. I really feel so lucky they performed in my hometown.
Don't know why, but once Celtic music gets into your heart, it never seems to leave it. I really admire those men, old enough to be my father, or even my grandfather, if generations passed quickly, for their energy and the way they bring old music alive.
This performance was unlike any other. With some video and photos they brought back their band members who crossed to the other side. It was a great experience for me to see the image of the great Luke Kelly brought back alive. I always admired his voice and I regretted the fact I would never have the chance to ever see him perform live. Also the same for Ciaran Burke and Ronnie Drew. I can still hear their voices and the way they played their instruments on recordings, but still ...
This brought me to a quote of my favorite television series ever: "Robin of Sherwood". The haunting melodies of Clannad, a band I also had to fortune to see live in the same hall here in Antwerp, just carried this metal head away to a strange experince.
So thinking of this quote: "Nothing is forgotten, nothing is ever forgotten", I started to get the feeling this concert was unique in a certain way. The three Dubliners that died will never be forgotten and for a moment I had a feeling their spirits still live on and that they were there.
Since I did forget something last time, I was clever enough to take my camera with me this time, but yeps ... the battery wasn't charged, so I was unable to take great pictures.
Was it a curse? I don't know. I did take some, but maybe because I wasnt focussed on my camera or cell phone, I might have enjoyed the show even more. It actually crossed my mind that last time I charged that camera battery, I was in Ireland, using a plug from a travel compagnon, since my continental plug didn't much the sockets they use on the emerald iseland.
Now what brought me there in the first place? My love for music and my quest to find more than what I already knew.
As I said: I do love The Dubliners, Clannad and Breton musician Alan Stivell. Their work is a part of my memories and a part of my being and I know it will always be, since they have CDs to listen too, even when they might be gone and I am still here. Except for Eurosong winner Eimear Quinn, I was unaware of what was there as well.
But I always had a feeling the journey shouldn't stop there. I always wondered if there weren't any more people of my age group and even younger trying to keep that music alive in their own way and that was what brought me to Ireland and to my empty camera battery.
Surfing online I did found out that there are younger artists playing this music and I found out I love it still. I went to the iseland this great band I saw performing yesterday because I found another great artist, not known to a great audience, not playing the big halls, but his music did impress me and not only that ... I also found a great friend that helped me trough desperate hours in a way not only music could.
So I do share great memories of my Dubliners concerts, all three I've seen and my Clannad concert, but I might cherrish most the time I also spent with my friends in Ireland. Seems like The Dubliners gave me a great time, same as my friend musician in Ireland, but still ... I wonder if their pasta is as great of that of my friend Marc (marcgunn ), because I do think his music is just as great as well. Since I will never see Luke Kelly perform live, I do feel gratefull I could sit next to my friend with his autoharp.
I can still listen to his CDs and his podcasts, but I do hope I can meet him again, since I can enjoy his music as much as I like, but I might never enjoy his company again. Same as I am glad I forgot to recharge my camera, because The Dubliners might be back next year and I might see them again, but each show is so unique, I might have missed out a lot, if I was just watching it in a way to take great pictures of it.
So I just surrender: there are things that might just get into your heart and won't leave, no matter how hard you may try to forget them.

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CD deviniation

August 21st, 2009 (05:23 pm)

current mood: impressed

Ok, time to talk about something else than myself.

For the moment I'm feeling fine, trying to think of the positive things in my life instead of the negative elements. My feeling is that it is already sad enough that some people really make it their life's mission to ruin the life of others.

But back to the positive side. A friend of mine, who I also admire as a great musician came up with another mind cracker for me. I really love Marc Gunn's latest CD "Happy Songs of Death".

Well, I think it is the subject that hit me first. People who just love to believe in science and consider after life as impossible ... well, I let them be. Just as long as I don't loose my feelings by turning them into chemical reactions of my brain, or for my better belief: just downgrading them to that, I'm fine with everything.
So making a CD with songs about death. Seems gory? Not exactly to me. The album is a bit bluesy, I agree, but still it gives a positive feeling about it. It is indeed what you may call: a happy album which makes you feel good.

Well, the spiritist in me can start to awake again. First of all: I do like the quote in the back saying "for those who passed on to greater things". With my weird life's experiences, I do believe we pass on. For most of us to rest and greater things, indeed. Those few exceptions that like to stay earth bound, I just don't consider worth mentioning. They are not worthy of our time.
Another thing: there are 13 songs on the CD. For those of you who are superstisious: I can't help you if your narrow mind stops you from even giving this great CD a chance to listen to.
For others: I like that number according to the subject. Thirteen is also quite familiar for those who have ever even held a tarot deck. It is also the number of a new beginning.

So can we be happy with death? According to my spirit guide, it is mainly the living who suffer it. I presume that says enough.

This CD was released yesterday on CDbaby. So for all of you who might want to own a copy as well, please feel free to buy it, since I know you will enjoy it.
Also there are 2 covers for it. If you can't make a pick, just realise you make more people happy by owning them both.

You can also check out the artist his website for more details: www.marcgunn.com

And he has a blog here as well ...

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Stupid business

May 29th, 2009 (03:33 pm)

Ok, I'm not much of a business woman myself, but one of the things I do keep in mind is that if you want to sell things, you do want as many people as possible to buy them? Don't you?

Well, so far I guess that if you want to do (online) business, I consider it more than fair that your (potential) costumers get options to pay, so they can pay you. That is why many shops accept next to cash, electronic payment, coupons and whatever.

I presume an online business would be the same. No, seems like many, mainly American companies only accept credit card. Ok, I do believe an American without a credit card is something like a pub with no beer and I agree that if they only ship to their own country and not international, that all is fine.

But some companies do ship international and I think that if you do ship international, you should know your public. Costums can vary indeed. Europeans are not keen on spending money they don't have, so ... not credit card minded and you are not likely to get one here in my country, since banks aren't keen on them either.

So many Europeans don't have credit cards. Many smart American companies noticed and also accept alternatives like Paypal, that since recent days is also available for Europeans without credit card.

*Sigh* What a relief would you say! No, not really. Some companies, like Ficcare, Cafepress and so on still only give their international costumers only credit card option. And when you find a Belgian friend with a credit card, still it is not good, because they can't validate it in an American system.

And most recently I discovered and even more stupidity and I think I understand why the US remains in a crisis. Turns out you can only validate your Paypal account if you are costumer of an American bank.

Recently bought something on Ebay from an American seller who accepts Paypal, ships internationally and combines shipping. What do you get? He doesn't accept payment from an unvalidated account, while with unvalidated European accounts, you can be bloody shure that it is money that is tranferred from a bank account to a paypal account and not something virtual as with credit cards.

So: the sale was cancelled. No stuff for me, but also no sell for the seller, who is already paying eBay. His loss for his stupidity.

Now I do have to say: I'm not attacking Americans here, since I hold nothing against them and even consider many as friends, but I'm only questionning the stupidity of large companies that complain they make a lot of money but they want more and leave options aside, because they don't know their public.

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My plans

February 24th, 2009 (03:44 pm)

1) If I can't find a suitable job, I might go back to college. Already know what I want to study and ordered the info.

2) Stay positive. I might have failed on several things in the future, but I do believe in myself more than ever today.

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Back to zero

February 17th, 2009 (05:01 pm)

Well, I've been way too quiet online. I know. My life is complete hell right now, like I'm watching this movie with things that always seems to happen to others.
But I finally can admit it: for years I've been dominated by my husband. I loved him so much it didn't feel like that. He beated me, but I forgave and blamed myself, knowing I can be hard on somebody as well.
So I tried to change, but my husband didn't. Not for the good. He totally neglected me, when I tried to talk to him, he always said things to me that hurt me real bad.
At the end he became more and more violent. I didn't only took the hits and the brooses, he also tried to choke me several times. It really hurts knowing I loved somebody that tried to kill me. I don't feel safe around him anymore.
But here I am: a housewife. No income of my own. Staying with my mother. I can't even get to the papers I need for an official divorce, since he keeps them away from me in a cupboard behind 3 locks and I don't have the keys.
I always hated being a housewife, but after not getting a job and not being able to get a degree, I came to turns with it.
The only reason I endured so much pain, were my pets. I still hope to find a place where I can keep them safe. If the house has to be sold they don't have a place to stay. I love them too much to give up, but my psycopathic husband won't even clean litter boxes.
So I only survive because of my mother, hoping to get away from my worst nightmare and find a good home for my pets.

Also I just found out that my husband registred himself to a dating site. This means I'll be back to dating as well.

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Back to blogging

January 6th, 2009 (08:19 pm)

I've been a bit quiet here. I know and I actually haven't been doing much, both on as offline. Time to get back in action.

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October 8th, 2008 (01:50 am)

That is what I'm asking myself as well. I've been ill for about two months. My emotions are simply killing my health. Things are changing inside me.
I don't know how to explain. Since I was a kid I always knew I had psychic abilities. Every time I try to ignore my path, things work out wrong for me.
I feel really miserable for the moment. The only thing I always wanted was to help others and now I feel like breaking apart myself. None of my wishes ever came true, or not how I wanted them.

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My hairsticks on eBay ... let's see.

July 4th, 2008 (10:39 pm)

Well, I find it hard to price my own work, but since I love making hairsticks, I will sell my overdo work.

I've put some on eBay. After calculating a while, I decided to price them low, so people can bid on them. If people just want them, I'll price them higher. I might add a "buy it now", but I'll just see how they will go.

Here you can see my listings:


For those interested: happy bidding. I do ship international and accept paypal.

I might list more in the future. First I wanted to give up on eBay, but I might give it another try.

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Show shedule

June 28th, 2008 (05:37 am)


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Musical outsider?

June 10th, 2008 (01:15 pm)


For me there are three ways I judge music in three ways: I like the song, I don't like it or I am not sure.

Now I really love folk music, especially the celtic genres, but I must admit that I consider this mainly as my favorite, most played genre. This makes me a bit of an outcast where I am now. Most people I meet online, seems to be more into metal.

*sigh* As a kid I used to be a metalhead, when everybody was into pop, R&B, grunge, ... I was a bit of an outcast back them.

Well, I must admit I became a bit tired of certain kinds of metal, especially black metal and got rid of most of my metal CD's during the years. No, I don't regret it, since I own that many CD's that I already consider it hard te classify them.

Still I kept some metal CD's and still play them from time to time. Mostly Iron Maiden, since my husband is a huge fan of that band, next to Pink Floyd. I honestly admit I prefer Iron Maiden over Pink Floyd. But that is just me. They are both great.

Just found out that I still have some old Metallica music lying around my mother's house. I am not that found of their newer stuff.

For a while I considered myself as strange liking both traditional folk and metal. What a combination! Now I think it is probably in my stars, since I am gemini. On the other hand, I discovered that folk metal does exhist as well. So maybe I am not that crazy at all.

But what the ... I don't like tagging. Tomorrow I might play some new age. It all depends on my mood.

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